Thursday, June 12, 2014

A little more...

     Before you all get your knickers in a twist, yes, I know I said weekly blog updates. But here I am, lazing around my house when my best friend tells me that she looked up 'How to be a successful blogger'. And one of the top things was to post daily. So hi.
     While I'd like to tell you how much writing I have done in the last twenty-four hours, I'd be lying. I've been watching YouTube videos and finding new fandoms. Ugh, I need to write.
     I have been informed that I should be meeting James Dashner (again), Veronica Roth (hopefully this time she has more time to chat), and many others at YALLFest. So I figure I may try to interview a few, whether for this blog or for my own personal benefit. I suppose you will know if I post them.
     No idea what to write...
Have one of my favorite Merlin edits of all time.
     I have been considering very deeply what this blog will contain and I think I have decided. So I will probably post on weekdays. Not weekends because I'm particularly lazy then and I won't be bothered to pick up my laptop. I am definitely going to be talking about my writing and any updates that come with it. Books are a given, as is anything closely related (fandom stuff). I've also decided to throw in some travel. I mentioned that I love to travel and I want to put some things that I have done, along with where I am planning on going. Or maybe I'll get science-y and explain natural phenomenons, such as the Northern Lights and the Bermuda Triangle. I want to throw in a touch more of personal stuff, so I'll blog about my bucket list. Not much, I promise, but just enough. And only the cool stuff. I won't bore you with the other things. Lastly, I will probably do the occasional book review. Not enough to make this a review blog, but just for some of my favorite books. Perhaps I'll only do new books, such as Robert Galbraith's The Silkworm. Who knows? There will be the random posts. I won't even apologize; they will just be here. 
     So there you have it. The main gist of my blog that is currently just a baby. Enjoy your lives; you never know which day could be your last! Woah, Ashley is getting philosophical now.

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