Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Thief Toms

     I hope everyone had an acceptable weekend and I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was busy with many things. Like, I finally printed my manuscript. Yay! I shall begin editing shortly. Since I don't have a bunch to talk about, I'll share a picture of the new Toms I made: The Book Thief themed.

     So this is what I have been up to, and I actually despised shipping them off to their new home. But, alas, I had to. One lucky girl gets to wear these around. Ugh, I'm jealous. 
     In other news, MuggleNet is hosting their annual Harry Potter O.W.L.s. So far, I've taken Divination (A), Ancient Runes (P), Arithmancy (P), Care of Magical Creatures (O), and Muggle Studies (no results yet). How fun? 
     I've designed a Merlin (BBC) pair of Toms. And now I'm dying to get them. Hmmm. I'm planning a backpacking trip through Europe. I have an England vacation planned. More on that tomorrow, though. 
     I found my list of writing ideas. And I added it to my already large list. Currently, I think I have six to write and two to rewrite. 

     That's my Monday and Tuesday. So question time. If you could meet anybody in the entire world, who would you choose? Past, present, or future. I would love to meet my great grandmother again, because she witnessed the entire 20th century which would be an amazing topic. Now you choose.

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