Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Okay, I know, I was supposed to post yesterday. Oops. I was busy reading Robert Galbraith's The Silkworm. I'll probably review it tomorrow.
     So on top of everything I did yesterday, I also made a PowerPoint dedicated to traveling to Ireland within your home. I'm going to try to link it here so everyone can view it, but I'd also like to say a few things.
     When I was a lot younger, my family traveled to Killarney, Ireland. I remember our hotel (we were I think the only residents currently and the owner had a huge St. Bernard. There was a river out back) and our carriage ride, but not much else. Mom says we went to the Ring of Kerry, Ross Castle, and the Gap of Dunloe. Unfortunately, I remember nothing. So I did some research and this is what I found, among other things.
     -Titanic was made in Belfast, Ireland. You'd think I would know that, having just finished a Titanic book.
     -I found a few towns that are still traditionally Irish. They even speak Gaelic as their first language.
     -I want to go back to Ireland.Okay, I knew this, but still.
There are so many places besides the ones in these slides that I want to visit. I covered major tourist attractions and some places I personally want to see. I tried to keep it somewhat short, as not many people can afford to visit Ireland for months at a time (sigh).
     Have you ever been to Ireland and/or do you want to go [back]?

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