Monday, June 23, 2014

Late Night Musings

     Uh, oh. Late night blogging. Now, no need to get worried; this isn't Tumblr. Updates: Editing is going well. I was working in Barnes N Noble and I literally had to keep myself from laughing too hard at certain parts. Job well done. Shoe business is doing good. So...
     I was looking up Nobel Prize winners, how to win, etc. And then I was thinking about things I want to change in the world. First, I'd like to help with homelessness. It kills me to see people out on the streets, especially in horrible weather. So I just want to get people in some sort of shelter that has resources available to suit any sort of need. I'd also like to get rid of corruption in people of authority, but I figure that's close to impossible.
     Then to my mind came the topic of cancer. And I thought to myself, cancer is mutation. Now, I'm no expert, so don't think I know anything in detail. But if cancer is a mutation and cells keep multiplying, we need a way to get the mutation out completely. For good. Gone. That would be a cure, correct? So I'm not sure how possible this is (with modern technology and body functions), but there has to be a way to somehow delete the cancer from cells. Maybe delete half the cell then more each time. Or somehow reverse the cells all at once. Does that even make sense?
     I've also breached the topic of multiple sclerosis and finding a cure for that. Again, not an expert, so I don't really know if there is one yet. But a friend of mine talked to me one day and asked that if I was to find a cure to anything in the world, could it be MS? He said his mother had it and there wasn't a cure. So, again, I want to help. Not even sure if that is possible. Then again, I'm not even sure these ramblings make sense.

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