Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mr. H. Potter

     I've had a Harry Potter filled week so far, so I will throw in a Harry Potter blog post! So, on top of a giveaway that I may be working in (and of course putting on here), I've been helping at my community college with a HP class.
     Our class did sorting and wand choosing Monday, spellbooks and wizard duels Tuesday, Potions Wednesday, and Quidditch today. Wow. I've had a blast, and the kids loved it. I got rather attached to a few of them so it sucks that it's over.

     A few students dressed up throughout the class and I found a young Hermione and a young Harry. Yeah, I got pictures and I wanted to take the children home but apparently some people view that as "kidnapping", so....

     I've been knitting myself a Weasley sweater-didn't think I could really get more geeky, did you? And oh my gosh it looks so comfy! I'm never going to take it off!

I also got a wedding order for my HP Toms. Awwww:)

     I'm thinking about starting a community quidditch league in my city. Not sure if I'll be able to, but I want to try. So many of us nerds need exercise.

     This is off-Harry-topic so I spaced it down a bit more. My editing is coming along great. I'm halfway done. Not sure if that's normal, but I'm actually switching my novel to a trilogy with a prequel. So kind-of a quartet? So I know what I want to keep and what has to go. But I found some quotes that are so poetic and dang I had to sit back and compliment myself (No, really. I literally wrote "You are so perf, Ashley")

     So, yeah, I've had a fun week. I hope yours is going well (currently there aren't actually any "you's" yet, so whatever). And know that if I can motivate myself to move off the couch daily, you can get up and keep going.

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