Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: The Silkworm

As promised, I am doing my review of Robert Galbraith's The Silkworm. 
     I can never complain about this series' characters. Robin Ellacott is fun and spunky as usual. Cormoran Strike is such an amazing detective and I love how he faces so many difficulties; it shows that nobody is perfect. Galbraith did an astounding job with introducing so many new characters. I was thrown into the literary side of things and all of the people were deliciously crafted. They knew their stories and who they were. They knew their careers. I never once questioned the authenticity of them.
     Galbraith also has a way of making so many characters seem awful. He makes you suspect the least likely. Which, in this case, I was completely off and felt terrible because of who I accused. It's not hard for me to dislike people Strike and Robin encounter because they are so horrible. Charlotte, for one, got me so angry I wanted her to be the dead victim. I also began disliking Matthew when I was trying to like him.
     I don't think I will ever be able to complain about these plots. In The Cuckoo's Calling, I was fascinated by all the interrogation, all the techniques. In The Silkworm, I was able to follow along and experience totally new things. I got to deduce with Strike and I kept trying to figure out his theories.
     I love the fact that Galbraith does not introduce the conflict with somebody saying they have a dead husband. It was great to anticipate when Quine's body would show up.
     There are so many tiny conflicts in this! But none drag you away from the main conflict; they just add to it. For example, learning about Quine's book. With every revelation we were given, I was thirsting for more. Each one led Strike closer to the murderer.
     Phenomenal ending. I suspected nothing, but reading how everything tied together was fantastic. About thirty pages to the end I was literally yelling at my sister because I couldn't figure it out. When I got to that page...whew. I sat there and had to cover up the page so I wouldn't read ahead. Everything was wrapped up so that there wasn't an annoying (but good) cliffhanger. It had a sweet ending, too, with literally all of the mini-conflicts sewed up, as well.
Cover: (Has absolutely nothing to do with overall rating)
     Look at this beautiful thing! It is so pretty! The colors and the mystery and the brick walls! Guys, everything about this novel cover is grand. Even the font. Especially the font.

Overall Rating?
Five stars. Ever so easily.

Downfalls? The third doesn't come out until presumably this time next year.
On the bright side, I heard that there will be seven Cormoran Strike novels. Don't quote me on that, though.
Go buy this book. Seriously. It is worth it. It is more than worth it.

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