Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: This Star Won't Go Out

     I just finished This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Grace Earl yesterday. And I must say, it was phenomenal. Every page was something better than the one before. The book was an inspirational read and really sweet. Here is my review.

     This book is a collection of Esther Earl's journal entries, her parents' blog entries, and basically anything that has to do with Esther.
     Esther has a way of writing that is very moving. She writes about her life, but she doesn't blur the edges. Everything she says is how it happened; it's real. She herself is real. She got drunk. She wants to have some sort of relationship with a guy. She kept secrets from her parents. And all those things are included. They aren't omitted because it would make Esther seem like a "bad" daughter. Instead, they are there and present and show how relate-able she is.
     Esther changed so many lives and the book explains that. Everything she has done, or inspired people to do is there and it is amazing to read about. Think about your favorite person who has a biography that is just somewhat fascinating. Now up the interesting tidbits by about two hundred percent and you have TSWGO.
     I loved reading the chats and conversations Esther had with her friends in their online group, Catitude. I loved seeing how the friendships grew so strong so that nothing could break them. This book probed even the deepest bonds between people and exposed them to the world (that sounds awful, but trust me, it turned out great).
     The book explains how Esther loved so wholly and deeply. Everyone who knew her mentions that at some point when they wrote. She seems like someone I would have loved to meet.
     Other side. Yes, I have read some of the reviews that say "I just don't see what is so remarkable about Esther." And I understand where you are coming from, even if I do not agree in this particular case, because, wow, this girl did so much in her life, just by living. She inspired so many and she wanted to help as much as she could and more. But, I get what you reviewers are saying. I used to read magazine articles saying, "Sixteen-year-old runs marathon for her dad, who passed away due to ________" and I always said to myself, "I ran a marathon when I was fifteen. Where's my article?" But the fact remains that you have to blow on the flame a bit. You have to be good enough at what you do to inspire someone who has influence. Which Esther did. Both by making her own YouTube videos and by meeting John Green, Andrew Slack, Paul deGeorge, and many more. She was so good at loving and encouraging and living that she inspired some "top people". Therefore, she is known. If you want to be known for something, get out into the world and do something. Something inspirational, preferably. Robbing a bank will not get you millions of fans. Hopefully.

     I am horrible at reviews so I hope this makes at least somewhat sense to you, readers. If you have read the book, drop a comment. Favorite quote, picture, anything. Just let me know.

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