Wednesday, June 11, 2014


     So...I got a blog! I've actually contemplated making one for a while, but you know, the summer is when I get bored and do things I wouldn't normally do. So now I have one.
     I suppose I'll introduce myself. I am a young writer from America. I am a fangirl of many things; I'm not ashamed. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Maze Runner, The Book Thief, etc. Yes, I have read many of the 'popular' books, such as Divergent, Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars. I am always ready to talk about any book.
     I write. A lot. Current record is 13,000 words in a day. I have three manuscripts: one was a trial so it is complete, one is awaiting edits, and the last is about 10,000 words to completion. I am also working on another novel as we speak. So this blog will probably have a lot of writing news on it.
     I love to travel, all over the world. I've been to many countries in Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, Greece, and Luxembourg. I've been to Mexico, the Caribbean, and a few of the big landmarks of the USA. One day, I will travel throughout the UK and probably blog about it.
     This blog was in part inspired by Huge fan; they are amazing. I considered doing a book review blog, dedicated solely to reviewing books. But I decided against it, figuring I can review books wherever. I will have many updates on books I am reading. A nerd cannot NOT talk about those.
     Hopefully, I will continue to post at least weekly and possibly get someone to view this. Or maybe I'll have 500 posts before I get one view, who knows?

Stay classy fellow humans and I'll be back in a week!
I must admit I do this.

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