Thursday, July 17, 2014

Harry Potter MOTW: Bravest Character

I discovered something new!! So Uncorked Thoughts ( has an awesome thing where bloggers post their favorite Harry Potter moment based on a theme. And this week happens to be......BRAVEST CHARACTER MOMENT.

There are so many. Oh, so many. The forest with Harry, Hermione and Draco. But my moment is neither. It is a moment where a friend stands up to a friend. Oh yes, I'm talking about the Harry vs. Ron, the Neville vs. Trio. But mine is not as popular.
My moment is when Seamus Finnigan stands up to Harry Potter.

Tumblr (twinterrors)

It happens in Order of the Phoenix, but right when Harry enters the common room with Ron and Hermione. Seamus gets up and tells Harry his mother thinks he is lying and that he wasn't going to be able to come back to Hogwarts. And when Harry says something offensive about Mrs. Finnigan, Seamus fights back.

Now I love this scene for a few reasons.

1. Seamus Finnigan just stood up to a close friend of four years. He has known this boy for a long time and they have joked around together the whole time. He didn't want to stand up to him, but he did. If he could stand up to a friend, you can, too.

2. Harry Potter was HARRY POTTER. He survived Voldemort. He was the Chosen One. He was famous already and people loved him. Yet Seamus faced him. And I love that. It shows that you can fight social norm, you can fight anything for what you believe in.

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