Monday, July 14, 2014

Make it into a Movie: Control

New feature! Make it into a Movie Monday!

Today I will talk about why Control by Lydia Kang needs to be a movie. Without spoilers, I think.

 Look at this cover. Look at it! That's Reason #1 why I need this as a movie. I want to see this cover in every bookstore I walk into, under the From Page to Screen shelf. I want this to be blown up into a HUGE poster and given away as a prize for different movie-related contests. 

Reason #2: I can't figure out how to pronounce Dyl's name! Is it like Dill, or Dy-ell, or maybe Dell? I never can decide what I want it to sound like, though it's not my choice.

Reason #3: Cy. Everything about him. His mysteriousness, then awesomeness, then cuteness. It all needs to be on screen. 

Reason #4: The climax and ending chapters. Those need to be seen. Without spoilers, they just HAVE to be filmed and shot and perfect in every way possible.

Reason #5: I'll be honest, this will probably be on almost all of these: I want to audition to play Zel. Or anyone in the movie really. The characters are all really awesome.

Reason #6: All the science-y stuff. This is a true science fiction and I want to see the testing and lab equipment and the nerdy stuff. Am I a total nerd? Oh yes. 

Reason #7: The animation. Wouldn't this be a fun movie to make? I'm not completely sure because I'm not a producer or anything of the like, but this needs so many special effects to do it justice and I think it would be really cool to work on.

Reason #8: The fans. Trust me, we love this book. And I've heard many an author whose books are now movies say that the fans are the best part. 

Reason #9: Comic Con. Not even saying this is possible, but the cast, director, and Lydia could all go to Comic Con and do a panel. That would be amazing! And I'd have to figure out how to watch it from here, but that's no biggie:)

Reason #10: Lydia Kang. She is honestly the sweetest author I have ever spoken to. And she's helpful. How many authors at least attempt to answer twitter questions? Now I know a lot are busy and such, but still. If anyone deserves a movie made from his/her works, it's Lydia.


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