Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Well, isn't that an informative title?


  • My retelling is still in progress. I'm enjoying letting my character get kidnapped...
  • I'm in need of an intervention...from giveaways. I've found too many giveaway hops lately. The large ones, with 140+ blogs. 
  • I'm almost done with Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? and then off to start Girl in the Middle. YAY
Back to the whole music thing. So yesterday, Lindsey Stirling had a concert nearer to me than ever before. And her special guest? AJR. So naturally I went. And I had a blast.

AJR is an indie-pop band of brothers from New York City. Their song everyone seems to recognize is I'm Ready. They played phenomenally last night. Every song was beautiful and their voices are great and they have nice faces. So me being the total fangirl I am, I went straight to their meet and greet and bought myself the t-shirt I've been wanting. They signed it and posed for a picture. Seriously, the guys are so nice. And I left a note with them, which is always cool. Hopefully, they read it *crosses fingers*. Still gutted they didn't play Buy You a Rose.

Lindsey Stirling is already great. The first thing I'd ever heard was Crystallize and I was hooked. Lindsey was amazingly talented and energetic. Seriously. I've run a marathon and I don't think I could do all she did in a matter of 1 1/2 hours. She had really cool outfits for the gig and her violins were, of course, gorgeous. She was an inspiration to me to practice my violin a LOT more. She also had really motivational stories. But she said 5 couples who are now married met either through a Stirling group or at one of her concerts. And recently, a proposal happened at her meet and greet, right in front of her. Lindsey was hilarious. And I could gush about her all day long, but I'll spare you. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that she had VIP Meet Passes; I would've picked one up immediately. But I met AJR, so my night was made.

I'll include a video below. Not sure how it is; I haven't watched it yet. 

I'm watching these load right now and I have no idea why they won't load side-by-side. So they are like this:


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