Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wandering Wednesday

"Oh, you're just full of new features!" you say. And yes. Yes I am.

Today is the start of something new (get some High School Musical going in here) and it is Wandering Wednesday. I'm not sure whether this will be wandering as in travels or wandering as in my mind is wandering. Maybe both. I think that Wednesdays will start to be my non-book days. No matter how much I love books, there are other things on my list of loves.

Today I'm just going to talk about Los Angeles, California. I'm actually just thinking about it because a) I qualified for a national competition there, and b) my character is currently sitting on the Santa Monica beach. So here goes.

I think I will have to be rich before I go to LA, because the hotel I want to stay at is practically ON Santa Monica beach, and it's expensive. Like, $500 a night expensive. Nevertheless, I would like to stay there for one night.

Then, I'd like to check out Universal and Disney there, along with all the famous beaches, especially El Matador (I was researching and it's exceptionally beautiful.)

I'd be tourist-y and view the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign, and Rodeo Blvd. Just everything cool.
Please tell me LA is somewhat worth it... 

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