Friday, July 11, 2014

What Am I Doing?

Hi there!

Update: My mailman came yesterday. She did not bring any mail for me. I actually figured out a way to be outside when she was driving up: I decided to paint my mailbox flag. Yep, I painted so I could stalk her.

I am currently reading The Great Gatsby, so that will be my next review. Hopefully some time next week I will finish. Until then, I've got NaNoWriMo, which I am behind on, but not for long *cue battle music*.

Okay, the real purpose of this is to accompany my YouTube video that went up today. I know exactly what I want to do with my life, but I'm not so positive that I will ever get there. For example, my novels. I'm not sure that they will sell, though I am hoping they will. I'm actually most excited and confident about my writing. Next is acting. I can tell you, I want the opportunity. But unfortunately, casting directors for movies that can 'break you in' don't come to southern Alabama. Honestly, nobody really does unless they have to. Like in Beautiful Creatures: You're either stupid or you're stuck. YouTube? Yeah, I want to have my channel be maybe a teeny tiny bit known. It seems like YTers have the best of friends, and they always have such a fun time with them. And last, but most certainly not least, this blog. I want to become a really awesome book review/whatever-I-want blog, but I'm having difficulties.

Sorry for making you read all the boring stuff. I know nobody really cares to read about my worries in life. And if you are about to comment saying, You don't deserve to feel upset; some people have real problems, save it, please. I know that my problems are small compared to others, but that does not mean I don't have the right to be glum over them every once in a while.

I hope you are all satisfied with your lives, anyways. If not, come and chat. We'll figure everything out:)

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