Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where is my mailman?

Alright, this has literally nothing to do with fandoms, but it's been bugging me. Actually, it could be related, as everything I'm waiting on in the mail is fandom swag and books. Yes, the link!

So, on Monday, I got this awesome swag pack from Tween 2 Teen books (thanks again, guys!). And I was happy. But I've been waiting for a book from Tamara Ireland Stone since June and I was really hoping it was there. It wasn't. But she told me it should be coming Tuesday or Wednesday. Fantastic, you know?

Not. The mail didn't come Tuesday, or Wednesday. I'm positive the mailman is now skipping us. This may sound odd, but we are a rather mail-popular house. We get mail daily, and often a lot of it. It's unusual to get nothing, but not impossible. But that's not why I'm so sure.

I left the little flag up. That shows that I have mail to be taken. They didn't get my "mail" either day. (The only thing in the box was a little note to our mailman saying how awesome she is and asking where my package is.) I was told to maybe try taking the note out. I haven't yet, but I wrote a letter to family and it's in there right now. I have stationed myself inside the front window so I can watch. I will get my mail, even if I have to chase them down the street for it.

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