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Character Debate: Harry Potter

This is such a late post in the day, but I had classes before. Now, a few announcements:]
-I'm definitely going to slow down with all the blog tours. From here on out, I'm trying to only do reviews and tours for books I'm extremely interested in. This is only for the reason that it is very difficult for me to keep creating posts, no matter how short they are, during time that I should be studying or doing homework. Also, I feel that it is boring you, my amazing and fantabulous readers. So that is going to slow down a bit.
-Going off of the above bullet, I'm finishing up a few tours in September and I have a BUNCH of reviews coming your way. I cannot wait for those. The closest one is Monday, August 31, and it is my review of Outshine by Nola Decker.

-This post is titled 'Character Debate'. I figured that I love the idea of a weekly meme, and as I'm completely obsessed with HP, why not do that? I know I've done the Moment of the Week before, but I was thinking the other day and realized I wanted to share my thoughts on certain literary characters. And I realized I have many thoughts on many characters. So I'll start doing my own weekly meme here at TWaMF. Starting this week is an extremely well-known character, the one and only Harry Potter.

Character Debate: Harry Potter
First off? Definitely things I love. In no particular order, with no particular explanation unless I feel like I need to put one.
1) His loyalty. Did he ever truly give up on his friends?
2) His bravery. Walking into the Forbidden Forest, anyone?
3) His innocence.
4) His ability to purely love. This is a boy who grew up without love, yet he was able to love deeper than most others. Even when he continued to lose his loved ones. He just kept on loving.
5) His stupidity. When I say stupidity, I mean it in the most affectionate way. Because he didn't recognize Snape's handwriting in the Potions book. Which, I guess I can give him that; maybe Snape's handwriting changed a bit. But the broomstick coming into the hall? And him not knowing what it was? Oh, Harry, how we love you.
6) His natural goodness. I'm not sure if anyone can deny that Harry has an inborn sense of the right thing, and he is almost always trying to do it.
7) His naivety. I think it's really excellent how Harry continues to forgive people. It always made me love him even more.
8) His sarcasm. If you haven't read the books, you have no idea what you are missing in this specific subject. This boy has so much sass that is extremely undermined in the movies.
9) His independence. I think this could be a turn-off for many, but I love how Harry doesn't want to work with others, especially when trying to fight Voldie, because he doesn't want them in danger. Which leads into the next.
10) His protectiveness. He'd never let any harm come to those he cares for if he can prevent it.

I could honestly list things for hours, because Harry is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. But I figure I should limit the things I like and go into the things I don't like.

1) His forgiving capabilities. I know that this is mentioned above as one of my favorite things, but I also dislike this bit. I hate how easily Harry forgives some characters, especially those who don't deserve it. That right there is probably my fatal flaw. But I always thought that Harry forgave Snape WAY too easily. And this is my opinion, which I do have a right to, so please don't totally bash this. 

I don't like Snape. Reasons will come another day, but that's all you need to know for right now. I was horrified with how fast Harry forgot all the troubles Snape caused him and others. He just realized that Snape was sort of good and was obsessed with Lily. And then BOOM, he liked the guy. He named his child after him. Which I do understand for Harry, though I disagree with it. I mean, the man is extremely dramatic at time
s, and his children are the perfect example. While I do like the significance of the names, I hate Snape being a part of the Potter family. I dislike how Harry had to include him. Which all goes back to how much I hate Harry's easy forgiveness.

As I said before, Harry is one of my favorite characters ever. But I'll be the first to admit that even the most amazing people (and characters) have flaws. Each week I'll have characters from so many different books and I'll include things I like and things I don't. Hopefully. I might just have things I dislike if it's one of those characters...

Feel free to leave your opinion on Harry down below. Or tell me what you think about this new endeavor of mine. Or stop by and say hello.

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