Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blog Tour: The Making of Michael Bishop

The Making of Michael Bishop

A Realm Walker Short Story
Kathleen Collins

Genre: urban fantasy, dark fantasy
Number of pages: 20

Book Description: 
Keep your distance. Don't look him in the eye. Feed him and leave.

Michael D'Augustino is a priest in the time of the Inquisition. Marked as weak for his refusal to torture those charged with sorcery, heresy, devil worship or worse, he's given another task. Feed the prisoner in the cell in the darkest corner of the dungeon. With the edict comes a set of instructions.

Ever obedient, Michael does exactly as he is told. Until the night his charge doesn't eat and Michael has to enter the cell to find out why. Instead of the beast he believes to be imprisoned there, he finds a man. A broken, tormented man who asks for help.

But all is not as it seems and, before the night is through, Michael will be changed forever.

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My Thoughts:
Whew this novella was a breath of fresh air.

I've actually not read the Realm Walkers series yet, but you can bet I'm going to. So the story starts out pretty fast. You've got Michael, the priest who has to feed the priests' monster, a vampire. Well, tonight, Mr. Vamp decides not to eat. Ugh, poor Michael. I like the story. Especially bringing in the church and all religious things and then having a vampire thrown in randomly. I also like continuing through to Michael's life after that fateful night. The character development is done well. I'll definitely be out reading the series.

The only thing I did not like was how short it was. Yeah, I know, I'm reading a novella, but still. I felt like everything was moved along so fast and in some places, I would've liked even just a page or two more.

Rating: 4 stars

About the Author:

Kathleen Collins has been writing since Kindergarten. And while her ability has drastically improved, her stories are still about monsters and the people who play with them.

The rare instances that she actually finds some spare time, she spends it playing with her two boys. Three if you count her husband.

She is currently hard at work on her next book.






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