Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blog Tour: Review: Hidden Sins

Hidden Sins 
by Karice Bolton 
(Luke Fletcher Series #1) 

Luke Fletcher asks himself one simple question. Is she worth dying for?

His answer is yes.

When Hannah Walker rolls into her new town on fumes, she doesn’t expect her past to catch up to her so quickly. But the moment her card is declined for a lousy cup of coffee, she realizes nowhere is safe, and her life on the run has just gotten more complex.

Luke Fletcher has made it his mission in life to protect. When he meets Hannah Walker, she makes it clear that his services aren’t needed and neither is he, but there’s something in her eyes that tells another story. Once he begins investigating the woman with many names, he realizes one thing is clear. Whoever, she’s running from won’t stop until she’s dead.

Determined to gain Hannah’s trust and break down her walls, Luke begins to share his own history, but where that leads could cost them more than their hearts as the sins of others threatens to destroy them both.




My Thoughts:
 Oh my gosh, why haven't I read this before? It's incredible! From the name to the plot, everything is enticing and great.

Hidden Sins starts off with a girl on the run. I love it. It's totally unique and I love how she acts and thinks, which we see in her POV. She has a strong flight reaction, but with good reason. I love how Hannah is written in general, as well. Her entire character is so strong, with depth and a face and everything. She seems extremely nice and just...I want her as a friend.

Luke is also such a fun character to read about. He is the really protective guy who also owns his own security firm and his parents were murdered. Which gives him reason. I think that is so important to have. He's also composed of so many secrets that we slowly get to read about.

The plot is well thought-out, perfectly paced, and quite unique. It starts off in an explosive prologue that hooks readers, then goes through Hannah's move to L.A. and how she starts a new life. I love it. It's nice to read a book with such skill visible and oozing out of the pages.

There are plot twists that you would never even guess. I'm the kind of person who starts to guess the most random, outrageous things, and I actually dislike it very much when I am right with those crazy suspicions. Yeah, I was so off in this book. Which I liked better. It wasn't bad at all and it kept me reading.

I don't know what else to really say, but I did like the romance. It was cute for the story, and I felt that it didn't come along way too soon. Like in some books where the characters meet and are "in love" the next day. No, this actually went through for a while and neither character thought they loved the other until sometime after they had started seeing each other. Yay for books that are realistic!

Overall, I really liked this book. Really. It was so good and has so much talent. I'll be reading anything else the author writes from now on.

Rating: 5 stars
I seriously need a rating for 5+ books, the ones that stick with me for a while, because, wow, I have a lot of those.


Karice received an MFA in Creative Writing from the U of W. She has written fifteen novels and has several exciting projects in the works. Karice lives with her husband and two English Bulldogs in rainy Washington.

Books currently available:
Luke Fletcher Series: Hidden Sins (Book 1), Buried Sins (Book 2) – coming soon
Beyond Love Series: Beyond Control (Book 1) Beyond Doubt (Book 2) Beyond Reason (Book 3) Beyond Intent (Book 4) Beyond Chance, Beyond Promise, and Beyond the Mistletoe coming soon
Afterworld Series: RecruitZ (Book 1) AlibiZ (Book 2) – October 2014
The Witch Avenue Series: Lonely Souls (Book 1), Altered Souls (Book 2), Released Souls (Book 3) Shattered Souls (Book 4)
The Watchers Trilogy: Awakening (Book 1), Legions (Book 2), Cataclysm (Book 3), Taken Novella (Watchers Prequel)
The Camp

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  1. I'm so the same with twists! No matter how wild I always catch on tiny clues and guess where the author is going with it. I'm always surprised when a twist catches me off guard (and I love it!). Great review, Ashley! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Lately I've been thinking as wild as you can so I usually guess the craziest twists!