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Blog Tour: Review: Mortal Gods

Mortal Gods

Forgotten Pantheon Book 1
Alex Manea

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book Description:

Heather, a young American girl, is visiting her college roommate, who now lives in Rome. While partying in a local nightclub, she's picked up by a man who looks like he was created in the image of a Greek god. Her initial impression is correct.

He’s one of the last surviving members of the Greek pantheon. After hooking up with him, Heather is forced to join the culmination of a two-millennium-long war between that pantheon and a clandestine sect of monks within the Catholic Church, itself led by perhaps the most infamous figure in Christian history.

Heather and Apollo embark on a world-spanning effort to collect what remains of the gods to engage in the final battle with the monks opposing them. But the fate of the battle is changed by the intervention of a mysterious military organization…

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My thoughts:
I liked...
  • the Greek influence
  • the setting (Gah, I love Rome)
  • the overall fight between the Catholic Church and the pantheon
  • Apollo in general
  • Heather's pretty awesome
  • the action scenes
  • the style of the writing-makes it VERY easy to read and it's comforting
  • the word choice-I can visualize everything and it evokes emotion
  • the plot
  • well-paced, well-written book that I will recommend and probably reread
I did not like...
  • Heather's screaming toward the beginning. Heather screams a lot, and I agree with the action at certain points, but at the very least, the word needs to be switched up. It gets repetitive and annoying. I can only see Heather screaming which makes her seem rather scared.
Rating: 4 stars

About the Author:

Alex Manea is a Romanian journalist and writer, author of the Urban Fantasy novel Mortal Gods, the first book of the Forgotten Pantheon series. Alex is a big mythology buff, especially Greek, this being the source of inspiration behind the novel. Alex is currently working on the second novel of the series.




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