The Marauders

This is just a fanfiction that I worked on so it has minor grammatical errors. It is up on under the same title and by ashjellison. Just my take on the Marauders' fourth year at Hogwarts.


Not exactly sure what to call this trilogy. It's been the Children Trilogy, but that sounds silly. The storyline follows teenagers who are all gifted ( I won't say how, yet) and they have to defeat the villain. I don't want to put too much on here in case some evil duck sees it and decides to take my idea. I will update whenever I have new information. 
 I have the first novel written, but I have to change it into a trilogy, so I am rewriting. Everything is plotted out. Now I just have to start typing, ugh.

The Dare

This is my coming-of-age-slash-teen novel. It's almost complete. Well, the first draft is. It follows a boy and a girl who start out hating each other and then end up not. Cliche, right? Wrong. There are some really cool areas in the book that I really like. I will continue to write until I finish the first draft, then edit and rewrite.


As Marissa Meyer did with The Lunar Chronicles, I am doing. She took classic fairytales and wove awesome sci-fi/futuristic themes into it. My story will also be a classic but it will take place in a more contemporary time with some fantasy elements. I have started the draft and I am finishing it throughout the next month.

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