Etsy Products

Oh, did I forget to mention? I have my own business. Well, it's been called a business. Etsy does most of the work. I just design the products.

I draw on shoes, Toms specifically, though I can do more. Mostly, I have fandom stuff, but I have had custom inquiries about bands before. I doodle often, so Etsy does not always have my most recent designs.

Marauders Map Toms from Harry Potter
Always Toms from Harry Potter
Quidditch Toms from Harry Potter (I know, I have too many HP Toms)
 The Book Thief Toms
 Dauntless Toms from Divergent (I can do other factions)
 Hunger Games Toms
 Okay? Okay Toms from The Fault in Our Stars

I have Percy Jackson Toms designed, as well as Merlin (BBC), but not up yet.

You can find all of my designs at for sale. Message me if you want any custom designs or if you have any questions. 

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